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Concrete Table D.I.Y.


So I was perusing through Apartment Therapy when I came across a post for this stool that I thought looked pretty nifty.  But I wasn’t really in need of a stool so I forgot about it.

Until a couple weeks ago.  R and I have been looking for a round side table to put in between our couch and chair.  Try as we might, we haven’t been able to find one at the thrift stores.  And I’m most certainly not about to pay nearly $100 for a new one.  Mama don’t play that game.  So I thought we have to make one.  That’s when it hit me, let’s turn that stool into a table.

The original tutorial used a 5 gallon bucket, but we needed something bigger.  I rummaged through my parents garage and found a tub that they used to put drinks in at my high school graduation party.  Talk about repurposing, that tub is now being used as a pot for my fledgling tomato plant.

0505131336Here is what it looked like right out of the tub.

Anywho, we used the same concrete, but made our legs longer.  We also stained the wood legs instead of dip painting them.

05091321080512131224aI must say that we are both pleased with how it turned out.

P.S. The lamp in the photos is a $12 find from a thrift store.  Not too shaby.  I want to change up the shade a bit.  Any suggestions?

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