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Is that a play on Desk Inspiration or Desk Desperation?  I guess if you are going on the spelling it would be the former.  Now thinking on it, two seconds after typing that title it seems a little silly, but whatever I’m sticking with it.

I have been on the hunt for a desk that fits my two needs, 1.storage and 2.fits the aesthetic of my apartment.  Not that my apartment has any certain aesthetic, except eclectic, but its sounds cooler to say.  The desk I have been using to sew/craft/and do all sorts of other things is a cheap particle board/metal desk that I got in college.  I have outgrown it and have been on the hunt at all my local thrift stores for a new one.

I was perusing Etsy and found a desirable few.  Take a looksee….

Steel Top Desk and File Cabinet

This desk from Todd Manring Designs looks like it has oodles of storage.  Just look at all those compartments.

Mid Century Desk

We have no mid century furniture in our apartment, but I still think this desk by Salvage Theory is pretty sharp!

Aula Desk 32"

Even though it doesn’t have all the storage I am looking for, I love the design and color of this desk by StorNewYork.

Hopefully I stumble upon a real gem this weekend.  Later, Molly.



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