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Thrift Store Score

Yes, I am considering this a score.  $29 for a antique sewing table qualifies as such.  The machine still sews, and the table is in great condition.


I already have a sewing machine, sew….(pun intended) I don’t think I will use the machine that much, unless I’m feeling very “Betty”(There is a great book called the Betty Book that I love to read from time to time.  Check it out if you can.)  We are using the table as a front entryway table, since we don’t have an entryway.  It acts as a handsome catchall for our keys and mail.


I am still super stoked over this find.

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To Mom, With Love


If you recall, my sister purchased a cross-body satchel(I get a kick out of that word) that I admired.  I couldn’t get enough of all the pockets.  So with an old pair of men’s short shorts I created my own.

Well it just so happened that our Mom loved the bag as well.  She searched high and low, but nary a purse was found.  To be honest I don’t know how hard she looked, but she couldn’t find one.  This is were I came in.  I figured I would make one for her, using salvaged material.


The leather is from an old jacket I found at Goodwill and the lining is from a thrifted skirt.  When I gave it to my Mom she exclaimed “Oh I have been looking for a bag like this!  Thank you.  You did a really good job.”  So I think it’s safe to say she likes it, and not just because her daughter made it.

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Sweater Refashion: Project 11 of 52

Yikes!  I developed a nasty case of bronchitis around St. Patrick’s Day and I am just beginning to feel back to normal.  Although some disgusting symptoms insist on lingering.  I lost two weeks of my repurposed projects; which means I will have to do three in a week.  Totally doable.

Now that I am back in commission, here is a recent refashion.


R had several Lacoste sweaters that no longer fit him and so he gave them to me.  Two of them I can wear as oversized sweaters.  The other not so much.  I think it was most likely shrunk in the wash because they arms were short.  I do have long monkey arms, but these sleaves seemed a bit extreme.  Another issue was that although it was loose in the body of the sweater, the waist was too high to wear as oversized.  One finally problem was the big ol’ bleach stain on the one cuff.  I hate bleach.

I didn’t want this comfy sweater going to waste, so I got to work.  I took in the sides by about an inch on each side  as well as the arms.  To mask that pesky bleach stain, I folded the cuffs up into the sleaves and hand stitched into place, creating 3/4 length sleaves.


I didn’t want the sweater to be too tight fitting, as I wanted to be able to wear shirts underneath.  Now I think it is the perfect size, big enough to wear a collared shirt underneath, but tight enough that it won’t look too baggy if I don’t.


Peace out!

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Taking Shist For Granite! Project 10 of 52

DSCF1752My sister E is a geologist at heart.  Although she teaches Life Science she went to school for Geology.  She loves rocks!  She has a travel mug that says something along the lines of “We don’t take our shist for granite.”  Clever little plays on words those geologist have.

Anyways, when she saw this project she squealed.  Okay she didn’t really, but she liked the magnets nevertheless.  Although she did have a few critiques.  But that is okay because they were the same ones I already had.

So let’s get to it.  I purchased the the magnets from Michaels.  I also wanted to grab some glitter while I was there to really make these gems sparkle, but Crayola’s air-dry clay got me so distracted that I forget the glitter.  Ah well, they shine pretty nicely regardless.


So these are my tools.  The rocks I grabbed from my parking lot underneath the cloak of darkness.  As a result some of the rocks were a little smaller than I wanted.  But after crouching around the parking lot three separate times, I worried the neighbors would grow suspicious.  So I stuck with what I had.


I added a few coats of paint to each rock.  Once they were dry I added a coat of clear nail polish.  This gave the rocks some needed luster!  I then used some E-6000 glue(not pictured) to glue the rocks to the magnets.  And there you have it!


I plan to paint the magnets with the corresponding color, so that they blend in with the rocks.  But I like them.  I have spiffy new rock magnets for around $2.  I’m going to call this a success.

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Shoe Mat Redo: Project 9 of 52

DSCF1723 R and I like to take our shoes off upon entering the door.  It keeps the floor cleaner and tracks less dirt and germs throughout your house.  We previously had a rubber mat with little nubbins to collect any debris that may be on the bottom of our shoes.  Unfortunately these little nubbins started to fall off.  It looked like rabbit turds sprinkled across our floor.  Yuck!  So I grabbed this old mat that used to sit in front of our door until we realized it was too small.


It’s stained, dirty, and I didn’t want it out for all eyes to see.  So I grabbed some blue spray paint and a few bottles of craft paint.  I added paint to certain areas of the rug that remained a lighter shade of blue after spray painting.

DSCF1727 DSCF1724 I am pleased with how it turned out.  Plus I get a little enjoyment out of solving a problem with items I already have.  Total win!

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Rags to Riches-Project 4 of 52


That’s what this rug should be called.  Because it started out as rags (more like t-shirts, sheets, pants, and fabric turned into rags) and then crafted into this wonderful crocheted rug.  I completed this a few weeks back, during that weekend of productivity.  I will admit I rolled around on it a bit.  You know, testing it out and what not.  It passed.


When I first started this project there wasn’t many D.I.Y’s on Rag Rugs.  But now they are all over.  If you haven’t, you should check out some of the rugs on Pinterest.  Wow.  If there is a next time, maybe I too will be a little more organized and create a more cohesive look.  But I think this rug is fantastic in its own way.  I like the different colors mixed throughout the white.  I am half tempted to not let anyone walk on it, because it took some time to complete.  That would defeat the purpose though, so I shall grant little piggies permission to walk across this masterpiece.


Catch you later!

What’s To Come

I have big plans and ideas for this blog over the next few weeks.  Hopefully I achieve them all.  I tend to take on too many projects and become overwhelmed, and then one or two or three fall to the wayside.  Case in point the afghan.  But I’m feeling ambitious!  Anyways to keep your interest peaked, here are a few sneak peeks of what is to come.


There you have it.  So stay tuned.

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Channeling My Inner Snow White

If there is one Disney Princess I identify with it’s Snow White.  We are both fair skinned with dark hair, and lovers of animals(except cats.  I don’t really like cats.  I don’t wish them any ill will but I won’t be inviting one to live in my home either.) and nature.  Animals seem to flock to me when I am running throught the neighborhood.  I swear my house sits on a nature path.

Anyways SW and I are alike.  Case in point, my recent obsession with collecting pine cones.  I imagine she would do the same.  I have stored away pine cones of all shapes and sizes, including this perfect little one, like a squirrel with acorns.

I have this grand idea of jazzing them up with ribbon, paint, and maybe if I am feeling saucy some glitter, and making Christmas tree ornaments.

I know I can buy them in the store.  But why buy them when I can get them for free and decorate them how I like?  Answer that.  And they do double duty as fall and Christmas decorations.  Genius!

What are some of your recent obsessions?


My sister recently bought a bag that is similar to something I have been thinking about making.  Except that hers has an exceptional amount of pockets.  I love it.  There is a pocket for everything.  I didn’t love the price.  So when my grandma sent down some unwanted clothes I had an idea.

I decided to use a pair of men’s blue short shorts that happened to find their way into the bag of goodies.  The front of the shorts had several pockets.  So I cut it all up and pieced it back together.  Although my bag had the pockets, it was still missing something.  So I embroidered it a little.

I think the colors make it pop a little, and every pocket has already been used.  well every one except the back zipper pocket!  Until next time…

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Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Upcycle

I have always recycled or found other purposes for an already existing item.  As I get older the desire to reduce my carbon foot print and to live a sustainable life becomes greater.  I love the idea of upcycling.  Taking something old or discarded and altering it into something more practical or enjoyable.  I recently went to a local thrift store and found a small purse with a silver chain strap with Gucci imprinted on it.  I doubted its authenticity but purchased it anyway because it was just the size purse I was looking for.

Curious as whether or not it was authentic I googled the purse but came up with nothing.  No worries, I had other plans.  The original chain had to go.  Every time I put the purse on, the chain(very cool I might add) ripped my hair out.  Not thrilled about the prospect of going bald, I swapped out the original chain for a more scalp friendly version.  I had painted the rest with gold and silver paints and accented it with leaves(things I have been attracted to and inspired by lately).



I painted both sides.  I am pretty pleased with how it turned it.

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