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Concrete Table D.I.Y.


So I was perusing through Apartment Therapy when I came across a post for this stool that I thought looked pretty nifty.  But I wasn’t really in need of a stool so I forgot about it.

Until a couple weeks ago.  R and I have been looking for a round side table to put in between our couch and chair.  Try as we might, we haven’t been able to find one at the thrift stores.  And I’m most certainly not about to pay nearly $100 for a new one.  Mama don’t play that game.  So I thought we have to make one.  That’s when it hit me, let’s turn that stool into a table.

The original tutorial used a 5 gallon bucket, but we needed something bigger.  I rummaged through my parents garage and found a tub that they used to put drinks in at my high school graduation party.  Talk about repurposing, that tub is now being used as a pot for my fledgling tomato plant.

0505131336Here is what it looked like right out of the tub.

Anywho, we used the same concrete, but made our legs longer.  We also stained the wood legs instead of dip painting them.

05091321080512131224aI must say that we are both pleased with how it turned out.

P.S. The lamp in the photos is a $12 find from a thrift store.  Not too shaby.  I want to change up the shade a bit.  Any suggestions?

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Sweater Refashion: Project 11 of 52

Yikes!  I developed a nasty case of bronchitis around St. Patrick’s Day and I am just beginning to feel back to normal.  Although some disgusting symptoms insist on lingering.  I lost two weeks of my repurposed projects; which means I will have to do three in a week.  Totally doable.

Now that I am back in commission, here is a recent refashion.


R had several Lacoste sweaters that no longer fit him and so he gave them to me.  Two of them I can wear as oversized sweaters.  The other not so much.  I think it was most likely shrunk in the wash because they arms were short.  I do have long monkey arms, but these sleaves seemed a bit extreme.  Another issue was that although it was loose in the body of the sweater, the waist was too high to wear as oversized.  One finally problem was the big ol’ bleach stain on the one cuff.  I hate bleach.

I didn’t want this comfy sweater going to waste, so I got to work.  I took in the sides by about an inch on each side  as well as the arms.  To mask that pesky bleach stain, I folded the cuffs up into the sleaves and hand stitched into place, creating 3/4 length sleaves.


I didn’t want the sweater to be too tight fitting, as I wanted to be able to wear shirts underneath.  Now I think it is the perfect size, big enough to wear a collared shirt underneath, but tight enough that it won’t look too baggy if I don’t.


Peace out!

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What would we call this?


I have every intention of running again.  I like to run outside in the warmer months, but when old man winter moves into town I usually put the running shoes aside.  Yes I could get a gym membership, but that’s a waste of money when I can work out at home and let’s not forget that running on a treadmill is plain old BORING!  I can manage if I must, but I prefer the great outdoors.

It is still cold in my part of the world, although the temp. has been slowly creeping up.  But I figured once it gets a few degrees warmer I would start running again.  But any temperatures below 65 makes my ears ring and I get a strange metalic taste in my mouth.

To combat this I crocheted an ear warmer/head band.  For the life of me I can’t think of what these are called, but I know they have to have a name.  If you know, could you be so kind as to remind me.  I would appreciate it muchly.


This project was super-duper easy.  Any beginner could do this.  Using a number 5 yarn I chained 11, turned and slip stitched in second chain from hook.  Continue to slip stitch in the remaining nine.  Turn and slip stitch in the chain next to hook.  Continue across.  I did this until I could wrap the piece around my head.  I gave it a little stretch because I didn’t want it to be too loose, nor too tight.

Now I can run comfortably, and dare I say stylishly.

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Taking Shist For Granite! Project 10 of 52

DSCF1752My sister E is a geologist at heart.  Although she teaches Life Science she went to school for Geology.  She loves rocks!  She has a travel mug that says something along the lines of “We don’t take our shist for granite.”  Clever little plays on words those geologist have.

Anyways, when she saw this project she squealed.  Okay she didn’t really, but she liked the magnets nevertheless.  Although she did have a few critiques.  But that is okay because they were the same ones I already had.

So let’s get to it.  I purchased the the magnets from Michaels.  I also wanted to grab some glitter while I was there to really make these gems sparkle, but Crayola’s air-dry clay got me so distracted that I forget the glitter.  Ah well, they shine pretty nicely regardless.


So these are my tools.  The rocks I grabbed from my parking lot underneath the cloak of darkness.  As a result some of the rocks were a little smaller than I wanted.  But after crouching around the parking lot three separate times, I worried the neighbors would grow suspicious.  So I stuck with what I had.


I added a few coats of paint to each rock.  Once they were dry I added a coat of clear nail polish.  This gave the rocks some needed luster!  I then used some E-6000 glue(not pictured) to glue the rocks to the magnets.  And there you have it!


I plan to paint the magnets with the corresponding color, so that they blend in with the rocks.  But I like them.  I have spiffy new rock magnets for around $2.  I’m going to call this a success.

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Shoe Mat Redo: Project 9 of 52

DSCF1723 R and I like to take our shoes off upon entering the door.  It keeps the floor cleaner and tracks less dirt and germs throughout your house.  We previously had a rubber mat with little nubbins to collect any debris that may be on the bottom of our shoes.  Unfortunately these little nubbins started to fall off.  It looked like rabbit turds sprinkled across our floor.  Yuck!  So I grabbed this old mat that used to sit in front of our door until we realized it was too small.


It’s stained, dirty, and I didn’t want it out for all eyes to see.  So I grabbed some blue spray paint and a few bottles of craft paint.  I added paint to certain areas of the rug that remained a lighter shade of blue after spray painting.

DSCF1727 DSCF1724 I am pleased with how it turned out.  Plus I get a little enjoyment out of solving a problem with items I already have.  Total win!

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Painted Gold


Little by little, R and I are adding to our home.  There is so much that we would like to do, but being on a budget limits what we can do at the moment.  So we take what we can get.

My mom gave us a couple of her plants that she thought would look good in our home.  Both of the plants have the potential(if I don’t kill them) to grow fairly tall.  The problem was that their current pots were too small.

Most of the pots I found were between $30 and $40.  If I were to buy two I could end up spending $8o.  That was not going to fly.  So I found a couple cheap terra cotta pots with trays for about $12.

DSCF1710 With a little paint I had on hand as well as a 3 for $1 sale at A.C. Moore, I painted both pots.  I didn’t really have anything in mind when I painted, so I just painted.  I liked how they turned out.


Staying in the realm of Gold.  I continue to dig it.  Will I ever outgrow or tire of it?  I don’t know.  Anyways, I bought one of those cheap little mail sorters from Marshall’s for $4.  I didn’t like the original frilly look of it, so I painted it.  I don’t have any before images so imagine something hideous in pastel.

DSCF1729 DSCF1730 Just a little bit of paint and you can really jazz it up!


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Peeping Eyes: Project 8 of 52

In our little abode, R and I have a teeny bathroom window.  I like having a window in the bathroom because it lets light and fresh air in.  However, this window has a flaw.  It overlooks a neighboring parking lot, not to mention it is directly across from another buildings window.

Case in point:


and let’s not forget the window across the way.


Don’t let the screen deceive you.  It is a clear shot into the bathroom and to where I hop naked into the shower.  Who knows what kind of Peeping Tom or Voyeur is out there with high-powered, long-range binoculars.  Leering at me while I try to undress behind the shower curtain.

So I came up with an idea.  I would creat a screen to place on top of the screen.

I started out by measuring the window.  With dimensions in hand, I used some leftover lace my mom gave to me.  I liked this lace, because the pattern was dense.

I added a half inch to each side to allow for a seam and cut.


I then got to sewing, nothing fancy.  I wanted a simple panel that I could tack up to the window.


Once the panel was finished, I used a few beads of hot glue to glue the panel in place.  And just like that it was up.


Now, I know you are probably thinking, “Lady you can still see through it.”  Exactly.  I wanted light to still shine through without it shining on all my lady bits.  I feel the lace makes the window translucent and not transparent, which is what I wanted.


You too can keep those peeping eyes at bay with a little lace.  And if you don’t have any on hand, check your local thrift stores.  They sometimes have it.


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So my sister bequethed unto me a bunch of jewelry she didn’t want anymore.  I gladly accepted all the baubles.  Most of it was costume jewelry or parts of costume jewelry.

While rummaging through the contents I came across multiple rings of varying sizes and it reminded me of this tutorial from HonestlyWTF.  I liked the macrame and perhaps I will make one with the other rings I have left, but for these pieces I went the easy route.


Here is how I made mine.  I simply cut 4 lengths of waxed cord. 2 for a bracelt and 2 for a necklace.  Then I created a loop by folding the cord in half and placed it under the ring.  I then folded the cut ends over the ring and passed them through the loop, pulling to secure the cord to the ring.  I did this for each cord.

I used crimps to hold the loose ends of the cord together, then attached jump rings and a lobster claw clasp to both the bracelet and the necklace.

Super easy and super quick.


I think I will wet down the necklace and slightly stretch it to remove the kinks in the cord.  I get a kick out of making jewelry from found items.  What about you?

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Catching Dreams: Project 7 of 52

Okay this one might be a stretch, but I had a left over wooden embroidery hoop that I wasn’t using anymore.  I hated throwing it out, so I looked for something I could do with it.

I came across a few D.I.Y dream catchers and I thought I would M.Y.O for the window above our bed.  But I didn’t want to buy anthing for it so I decided to get thrifty up in this piece and use what I already had.

Embroidery hoop, floss, twine, beads, and anything else that I thought would jazz it up a bit.

Some of the tutorials I saw used doilies as their center piece, but I wanted some color and I didn’t have a doily I could use lying around, so I grabbed some floss and using the first three steps in this tutorial(by the way, those flowers are the bees knees and would look amazing as the center) but I did my own easy thang, because sometimes I like it easy…and breazy.

Here are my basic steps…


Once I had the center ring completed, I created a geometric flower pattern using a series of knots.  Then I secured the floss between the embroidery hoop and trimmed the excess.  I added some fringe, beads, and some leather feathers(made from the scrapes of a second hand leather jacket).


It looks a bit sparse, but I didn’t want it too busy.  I like how it turned out, and once we get some curtains I think it will look pretty swell!  Later.

The 24 Hour Quilt…NOT:Project 6 of 52


I first stumbled upon this quilt through Pinterest.  I’m pretty sure it was this blog, because the images look familiar.  I have a tendency to store ideas in my head and then forget where I originally found them.  It’s something I should work on.

Remember in my post from last week, I stated my inability to find quality sheets.  Well this is another project to come out of all of those sorry execuses for bed linens.

I loosely followed the instructions from the original source.  I have a hard time following instructions.  I like to figure things out myself, no matter how many headaches I endure.

First I threw the sheets in the dryer to toss out some wrinkles.  Then I sandwiched the batting in between the sheets and pinned in place.

To add some color, to the very neutrual sheets, I choose bright colored thread that I thought would complement the quilt.  I used different colors for the top thread and the bobbin thread.


And let me just stop right there.  Once i started sewing, I immediately began cursing the darn thing.  24 hour quilt my a**, maybe for a quilting expert, but not this novice.  I grunted, I yelled, I said words that should not be repeated on this blog.  I was forcing the thick quilt through my little machine praying that I wouldn’t break it.  I soon regretted ever taking on this project.  I was about to scrap the whole thing, when my mom said “well, it can just be a blanket for you and R.  No one has to see it”, except you fine people.  So I soldiered on.


Then came the binding.  I went back and forth on whether or not I should make my own binding.  After the time I had with the quilt, I went for store bought bias tape.  I picked a bright teal/turquois that I thought would look good against the brown.

Here are some great tutorials on binding quilts, which I only loosely followed.  I would suggest following these if you want better quality.  To sew the back side of the binding I used a zigzag stitch, I did not hand sew it.  This was supposed to be a quick quilt, so I wasn’t down with handstitching the thing.

Heather Bailey

Prudent Baby

Now that it is all said and down, I love the quilt.  It may not look that put together but it sure is warm.


P.S. I sort of feel guilty calling it a quilt. I’m sure I am insulting all the fine quilters out there by calling this paultry blanket a quilt.


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