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Shop Update

I recently added a few things to my etsy store Second Glory.  Below are a few peeks at what I listed.


Stop on by if you get a chance!


Desk Redo

I finally found a desk for my sewing machine that I liked enough to buy.  The only problem was it had some scuffs, marks, paint, and glitter glue left over from the previous owners.  Not to fear though, I got my gas mask and rubber gloves out and got to stripping.  The wood stain that is.

0825130957aI was so excited to get started that I stripped the top of the desk before I remembered to take any pictures.  Naturally it had the most paint splatters since it is the working surface.  I was careful though with the top because it has a veneer and I was worried to much stripper might cause it to warp.

0825130958a0825130958dThe whole process took a few coats of stripper and many breaks for fresh air.  Even though I worked in an open garage, I still had a few headaches.  Next time I plan to use Ready Strip, its environmentally friendly and doesn’t contain harmful vapors.

But the headaches were worth it, sort of.  I love how it turned out.  I used two different stains, applying one to two or three coats where needed.  I applied the stain, let it sit for a few minutes then took a cloth and wiped the excess off.  In areas where I wanted it darker I added more coats.  Than I applied two coats of a clear varnish to the entire piece.  The existing knobs and pulls are still in good shape so I reattached them.

09041317060904131711a0904131712For only $60 and little elbow grease this desk is now a beaut.  If I do say so myself.

0904131711 DSCN0173