What would we call this?


I have every intention of running again.  I like to run outside in the warmer months, but when old man winter moves into town I usually put the running shoes aside.  Yes I could get a gym membership, but that’s a waste of money when I can work out at home and let’s not forget that running on a treadmill is plain old BORING!  I can manage if I must, but I prefer the great outdoors.

It is still cold in my part of the world, although the temp. has been slowly creeping up.  But I figured once it gets a few degrees warmer I would start running again.  But any temperatures below 65 makes my ears ring and I get a strange metalic taste in my mouth.

To combat this I crocheted an ear warmer/head band.  For the life of me I can’t think of what these are called, but I know they have to have a name.  If you know, could you be so kind as to remind me.  I would appreciate it muchly.


This project was super-duper easy.  Any beginner could do this.  Using a number 5 yarn I chained 11, turned and slip stitched in second chain from hook.  Continue to slip stitch in the remaining nine.  Turn and slip stitch in the chain next to hook.  Continue across.  I did this until I could wrap the piece around my head.  I gave it a little stretch because I didn’t want it to be too loose, nor too tight.

Now I can run comfortably, and dare I say stylishly.

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One thought on “What would we call this?

  1. soooo good to see you last week! hope you’re feeling better. all of your projects have turned out super cool so far. i’m very proud of how crafty you are. also, you are inspiring me to get back in touch with my crafty side. might stop by hobby lobby this weekend and see what i can get into.

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