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What would we call this?


I have every intention of running again.  I like to run outside in the warmer months, but when old man winter moves into town I usually put the running shoes aside.  Yes I could get a gym membership, but that’s a waste of money when I can work out at home and let’s not forget that running on a treadmill is plain old BORING!  I can manage if I must, but I prefer the great outdoors.

It is still cold in my part of the world, although the temp. has been slowly creeping up.  But I figured once it gets a few degrees warmer I would start running again.  But any temperatures below 65 makes my ears ring and I get a strange metalic taste in my mouth.

To combat this I crocheted an ear warmer/head band.  For the life of me I can’t think of what these are called, but I know they have to have a name.  If you know, could you be so kind as to remind me.  I would appreciate it muchly.


This project was super-duper easy.  Any beginner could do this.  Using a number 5 yarn I chained 11, turned and slip stitched in second chain from hook.  Continue to slip stitch in the remaining nine.  Turn and slip stitch in the chain next to hook.  Continue across.  I did this until I could wrap the piece around my head.  I gave it a little stretch because I didn’t want it to be too loose, nor too tight.

Now I can run comfortably, and dare I say stylishly.

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Taking Shist For Granite! Project 10 of 52

DSCF1752My sister E is a geologist at heart.  Although she teaches Life Science she went to school for Geology.  She loves rocks!  She has a travel mug that says something along the lines of “We don’t take our shist for granite.”  Clever little plays on words those geologist have.

Anyways, when she saw this project she squealed.  Okay she didn’t really, but she liked the magnets nevertheless.  Although she did have a few critiques.  But that is okay because they were the same ones I already had.

So let’s get to it.  I purchased the the magnets from Michaels.  I also wanted to grab some glitter while I was there to really make these gems sparkle, but Crayola’s air-dry clay got me so distracted that I forget the glitter.  Ah well, they shine pretty nicely regardless.


So these are my tools.  The rocks I grabbed from my parking lot underneath the cloak of darkness.  As a result some of the rocks were a little smaller than I wanted.  But after crouching around the parking lot three separate times, I worried the neighbors would grow suspicious.  So I stuck with what I had.


I added a few coats of paint to each rock.  Once they were dry I added a coat of clear nail polish.  This gave the rocks some needed luster!  I then used some E-6000 glue(not pictured) to glue the rocks to the magnets.  And there you have it!


I plan to paint the magnets with the corresponding color, so that they blend in with the rocks.  But I like them.  I have spiffy new rock magnets for around $2.  I’m going to call this a success.

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2 Chains? How ’bout 3 Chains

I am horrible at sending gifts and packages on time.  Horrible, absolutely horrible.  So I have been working on a little diddy bag for my best bud, and when I say working on, I mean for the past few months.  I started one project to have it not work out, so I made this necklace instead.

DSCF1774I plan on adding a few more diddies to the package.  What do you think?


Shoe Mat Redo: Project 9 of 52

DSCF1723 R and I like to take our shoes off upon entering the door.  It keeps the floor cleaner and tracks less dirt and germs throughout your house.  We previously had a rubber mat with little nubbins to collect any debris that may be on the bottom of our shoes.  Unfortunately these little nubbins started to fall off.  It looked like rabbit turds sprinkled across our floor.  Yuck!  So I grabbed this old mat that used to sit in front of our door until we realized it was too small.


It’s stained, dirty, and I didn’t want it out for all eyes to see.  So I grabbed some blue spray paint and a few bottles of craft paint.  I added paint to certain areas of the rug that remained a lighter shade of blue after spray painting.

DSCF1727 DSCF1724 I am pleased with how it turned out.  Plus I get a little enjoyment out of solving a problem with items I already have.  Total win!

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