Catching Dreams: Project 7 of 52

Okay this one might be a stretch, but I had a left over wooden embroidery hoop that I wasn’t using anymore.  I hated throwing it out, so I looked for something I could do with it.

I came across a few D.I.Y dream catchers and I thought I would M.Y.O for the window above our bed.  But I didn’t want to buy anthing for it so I decided to get thrifty up in this piece and use what I already had.

Embroidery hoop, floss, twine, beads, and anything else that I thought would jazz it up a bit.

Some of the tutorials I saw used doilies as their center piece, but I wanted some color and I didn’t have a doily I could use lying around, so I grabbed some floss and using the first three steps in this tutorial(by the way, those flowers are the bees knees and would look amazing as the center) but I did my own easy thang, because sometimes I like it easy…and breazy.

Here are my basic steps…


Once I had the center ring completed, I created a geometric flower pattern using a series of knots.  Then I secured the floss between the embroidery hoop and trimmed the excess.  I added some fringe, beads, and some leather feathers(made from the scrapes of a second hand leather jacket).


It looks a bit sparse, but I didn’t want it too busy.  I like how it turned out, and once we get some curtains I think it will look pretty swell!  Later.


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