The 24 Hour Quilt…NOT:Project 6 of 52


I first stumbled upon this quilt through Pinterest.  I’m pretty sure it was this blog, because the images look familiar.  I have a tendency to store ideas in my head and then forget where I originally found them.  It’s something I should work on.

Remember in my post from last week, I stated my inability to find quality sheets.  Well this is another project to come out of all of those sorry execuses for bed linens.

I loosely followed the instructions from the original source.  I have a hard time following instructions.  I like to figure things out myself, no matter how many headaches I endure.

First I threw the sheets in the dryer to toss out some wrinkles.  Then I sandwiched the batting in between the sheets and pinned in place.

To add some color, to the very neutrual sheets, I choose bright colored thread that I thought would complement the quilt.  I used different colors for the top thread and the bobbin thread.


And let me just stop right there.  Once i started sewing, I immediately began cursing the darn thing.  24 hour quilt my a**, maybe for a quilting expert, but not this novice.  I grunted, I yelled, I said words that should not be repeated on this blog.  I was forcing the thick quilt through my little machine praying that I wouldn’t break it.  I soon regretted ever taking on this project.  I was about to scrap the whole thing, when my mom said “well, it can just be a blanket for you and R.  No one has to see it”, except you fine people.  So I soldiered on.


Then came the binding.  I went back and forth on whether or not I should make my own binding.  After the time I had with the quilt, I went for store bought bias tape.  I picked a bright teal/turquois that I thought would look good against the brown.

Here are some great tutorials on binding quilts, which I only loosely followed.  I would suggest following these if you want better quality.  To sew the back side of the binding I used a zigzag stitch, I did not hand sew it.  This was supposed to be a quick quilt, so I wasn’t down with handstitching the thing.

Heather Bailey

Prudent Baby

Now that it is all said and down, I love the quilt.  It may not look that put together but it sure is warm.


P.S. I sort of feel guilty calling it a quilt. I’m sure I am insulting all the fine quilters out there by calling this paultry blanket a quilt.


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2 thoughts on “The 24 Hour Quilt…NOT:Project 6 of 52

  1. April says:

    Did you say you used bed sheets? That is probably where you went wrong — I’ve had two projects where I inadvertently used bed sheets (100% cotton can come out okay but not recommended). I’d gotten a stash of fabric from someone and didn’t realize the material was from bedding.

    I’ll say it now — just don’t do it. My machine couldn’t feed it right. I had to reinforce every seam and I got weird bunches (or puckering) where I didn’t want them. It just doesn’t make a tidy quilt and it won’t “stick” to the batting the way cotton does so you’ll have more difficulty with puckering and issues like that.

    Good luck with your future projects

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