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Painted Gold


Little by little, R and I are adding to our home.  There is so much that we would like to do, but being on a budget limits what we can do at the moment.  So we take what we can get.

My mom gave us a couple of her plants that she thought would look good in our home.  Both of the plants have the potential(if I don’t kill them) to grow fairly tall.  The problem was that their current pots were too small.

Most of the pots I found were between $30 and $40.  If I were to buy two I could end up spending $8o.  That was not going to fly.  So I found a couple cheap terra cotta pots with trays for about $12.

DSCF1710 With a little paint I had on hand as well as a 3 for $1 sale at A.C. Moore, I painted both pots.  I didn’t really have anything in mind when I painted, so I just painted.  I liked how they turned out.


Staying in the realm of Gold.  I continue to dig it.  Will I ever outgrow or tire of it?  I don’t know.  Anyways, I bought one of those cheap little mail sorters from Marshall’s for $4.  I didn’t like the original frilly look of it, so I painted it.  I don’t have any before images so imagine something hideous in pastel.

DSCF1729 DSCF1730 Just a little bit of paint and you can really jazz it up!


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Peeping Eyes: Project 8 of 52

In our little abode, R and I have a teeny bathroom window.  I like having a window in the bathroom because it lets light and fresh air in.  However, this window has a flaw.  It overlooks a neighboring parking lot, not to mention it is directly across from another buildings window.

Case in point:


and let’s not forget the window across the way.


Don’t let the screen deceive you.  It is a clear shot into the bathroom and to where I hop naked into the shower.  Who knows what kind of Peeping Tom or Voyeur is out there with high-powered, long-range binoculars.  Leering at me while I try to undress behind the shower curtain.

So I came up with an idea.  I would creat a screen to place on top of the screen.

I started out by measuring the window.  With dimensions in hand, I used some leftover lace my mom gave to me.  I liked this lace, because the pattern was dense.

I added a half inch to each side to allow for a seam and cut.


I then got to sewing, nothing fancy.  I wanted a simple panel that I could tack up to the window.


Once the panel was finished, I used a few beads of hot glue to glue the panel in place.  And just like that it was up.


Now, I know you are probably thinking, “Lady you can still see through it.”  Exactly.  I wanted light to still shine through without it shining on all my lady bits.  I feel the lace makes the window translucent and not transparent, which is what I wanted.


You too can keep those peeping eyes at bay with a little lace.  And if you don’t have any on hand, check your local thrift stores.  They sometimes have it.


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So my sister bequethed unto me a bunch of jewelry she didn’t want anymore.  I gladly accepted all the baubles.  Most of it was costume jewelry or parts of costume jewelry.

While rummaging through the contents I came across multiple rings of varying sizes and it reminded me of this tutorial from HonestlyWTF.  I liked the macrame and perhaps I will make one with the other rings I have left, but for these pieces I went the easy route.


Here is how I made mine.  I simply cut 4 lengths of waxed cord. 2 for a bracelt and 2 for a necklace.  Then I created a loop by folding the cord in half and placed it under the ring.  I then folded the cut ends over the ring and passed them through the loop, pulling to secure the cord to the ring.  I did this for each cord.

I used crimps to hold the loose ends of the cord together, then attached jump rings and a lobster claw clasp to both the bracelet and the necklace.

Super easy and super quick.


I think I will wet down the necklace and slightly stretch it to remove the kinks in the cord.  I get a kick out of making jewelry from found items.  What about you?

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Catching Dreams: Project 7 of 52

Okay this one might be a stretch, but I had a left over wooden embroidery hoop that I wasn’t using anymore.  I hated throwing it out, so I looked for something I could do with it.

I came across a few D.I.Y dream catchers and I thought I would M.Y.O for the window above our bed.  But I didn’t want to buy anthing for it so I decided to get thrifty up in this piece and use what I already had.

Embroidery hoop, floss, twine, beads, and anything else that I thought would jazz it up a bit.

Some of the tutorials I saw used doilies as their center piece, but I wanted some color and I didn’t have a doily I could use lying around, so I grabbed some floss and using the first three steps in this tutorial(by the way, those flowers are the bees knees and would look amazing as the center) but I did my own easy thang, because sometimes I like it easy…and breazy.

Here are my basic steps…


Once I had the center ring completed, I created a geometric flower pattern using a series of knots.  Then I secured the floss between the embroidery hoop and trimmed the excess.  I added some fringe, beads, and some leather feathers(made from the scrapes of a second hand leather jacket).


It looks a bit sparse, but I didn’t want it too busy.  I like how it turned out, and once we get some curtains I think it will look pretty swell!  Later.

The 24 Hour Quilt…NOT:Project 6 of 52


I first stumbled upon this quilt through Pinterest.  I’m pretty sure it was this blog, because the images look familiar.  I have a tendency to store ideas in my head and then forget where I originally found them.  It’s something I should work on.

Remember in my post from last week, I stated my inability to find quality sheets.  Well this is another project to come out of all of those sorry execuses for bed linens.

I loosely followed the instructions from the original source.  I have a hard time following instructions.  I like to figure things out myself, no matter how many headaches I endure.

First I threw the sheets in the dryer to toss out some wrinkles.  Then I sandwiched the batting in between the sheets and pinned in place.

To add some color, to the very neutrual sheets, I choose bright colored thread that I thought would complement the quilt.  I used different colors for the top thread and the bobbin thread.


And let me just stop right there.  Once i started sewing, I immediately began cursing the darn thing.  24 hour quilt my a**, maybe for a quilting expert, but not this novice.  I grunted, I yelled, I said words that should not be repeated on this blog.  I was forcing the thick quilt through my little machine praying that I wouldn’t break it.  I soon regretted ever taking on this project.  I was about to scrap the whole thing, when my mom said “well, it can just be a blanket for you and R.  No one has to see it”, except you fine people.  So I soldiered on.


Then came the binding.  I went back and forth on whether or not I should make my own binding.  After the time I had with the quilt, I went for store bought bias tape.  I picked a bright teal/turquois that I thought would look good against the brown.

Here are some great tutorials on binding quilts, which I only loosely followed.  I would suggest following these if you want better quality.  To sew the back side of the binding I used a zigzag stitch, I did not hand sew it.  This was supposed to be a quick quilt, so I wasn’t down with handstitching the thing.

Heather Bailey

Prudent Baby

Now that it is all said and down, I love the quilt.  It may not look that put together but it sure is warm.


P.S. I sort of feel guilty calling it a quilt. I’m sure I am insulting all the fine quilters out there by calling this paultry blanket a quilt.


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Rub-A-Dub-Dub:Project 5 of 52

While getting readying to move, it made me cringe thinking of all the other little things R and I would have to buy, like curtains, rugs, lamps, etc.  So I decided to M.O.O. (haha moo, Make Our Own, a variation of Make Your Own) with some of these items.

For project 5 of 52, I don’t have any before pictures.  But imagine a white queen size top sheet, and that is what the before would look like.  I seem to have the worst luck when it comes to buying bed linens.  The pockets are too deep and I end up swimming in excess fabric, or the sheets pill up after a week, or the elastic gives out and I’m sleeping on the bare mattress.  Ugh.  See my misfortune when it comes to sheets?

As a result I have a plethora of unused linens hanging about, so I decided to repurpose them.  First up is a shower curtain, hence the Rub-A-Dub-Dub, but there aren’t three men in this gal’s tub.  Just one handsome man.


I used one of my mom’s shower curtains as a template to gage the length and the distance between the ring holes.  I left my sheet it’s original width, because the less hemming I had to do the better.  I wanted this easy-peasy.  I could have gone a little shorter, but at the time I made this I did not have the shower dimensions.  So I erred on the side of caution and left it a little longer than the template.  I can always go back and shorten it, but for now it stays.


Dang! This pic is grainy.

I made holes using the button hole stitch on my sewing machine.  I could have used plastic grommets to give it a little more strength, but I was lazy and didn’t feel like going to the fabric store.  The button holes are durable and I suspect will hold up.

And there you have it.  One more item saved from the landfill.  Peace.

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