Hemp Coasters



I orignally planned to use this project as one of my 52 Projects, but upon further reflection I decided it didn’t really fit the criteria for the 52 projects.  Yeah I already had the materials on hand from other projects but I wasn’t really repurposing.  So I am posting it as just a regular ole craft.

I wanted a few coasters for when R and I settle into the new place, but I didn’t want to have to buy any.  Some coasters can be pricey yo, so I made them myself.  These did take some time, and the naysayers out there might say “in the time it took you to make those spectacular coasters, it would cost you less to buy…” to which I would reply “where is the satisfaction in that?”

If you want to make some yourself, all you need is hemp twine, a crochet hook( depending on the thickness of your hemp your hook size may vary), a sheet of cork, and glue( I used E6000).

I wanted circular and square coasters so I made both.  I didn’t really follow a pattern, just wung it as I went.  But I will tell you this I used a half treble crochet stitch.  After I was satisfied with the size I glued them to the cork.  Once dried, I cut them out and BAM!, I had some cool rustic hippie looking coasters.


I know it looks like I only made three, but I hadn’t made the last one yet when I took these pictures.  The lighting was relatively good so I seized the opportunity.

Also in full disclosure, the sometime perfectionist in me was a bit disappointed that the circles were not in fact perfect circles ( the squares were more forgiving) but the hemp isn’t an even thickness and therefore caused some problems.  But all in all I think they turned out pretty rad.

Have a lovely day.


One thought on “Hemp Coasters

  1. those look awesome. you and R are going to have the cutest little apartment ever! i can’t wait to see it next month! ps. way to go on recycling that wire basket!

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