No More Wire Baskets!

Like many others, I like the look of wire baskets.  They have an industrial feel and lately I have been digging the warm industrial vibe.  I’ve been trying to talk R into making a shelving unit with me that consists of metal pipes and wood.  Super cool, but I’m not sure he thinks it’s as cool as I do.

So when my parents had to redo their bathroom due to some broken pipes, I snagged this brown wire basket from the rubbish pile and hid it in the garage for future use on Project 3 of 52.


It’s just your basic brown basket (woah woah woah, check out that alliteration) but I saw potential.  I didn’t think it would fit the aesthetic I want to achieve in the new place.

So here is what I did, that you can do too.  But only if your basket is bleh.

I grabbed some silver paint I already had on hand and gave it a couple of coats.  That’s it.  I wasn’t too worried about the coats being even, because as I went I saw some of the brown showing through and I thought it gave it a worn/vintage look to it.

All in all I am pretty pleased.  I had originally intended to use it to hold my yarn, but it is quite large and feel as though it will hold blankets nicely.

IMG_0123Jack hanging out in the background.



All in all it’s a quick and easy project, that kept a rad wire basket out of the landfill.  Double win.


One thought on “No More Wire Baskets!

  1. Biocadence says:

    Love it! Way to take initiative!

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