Sweet Trip to the Candy Shop

IMG_0097 - Version 2For project 2 of the 52 projects, I am continuing with the jar theme.  You could use this as a vase, pencil or paintbrush holder, decorative piece, votive or as I thought I would use it, a candy dish.  I also wanted to stick with something small because R and I are moving at the end of the month.  Big exciting projects to come.  I hope….

Anyways I love me some sauerkraut.  Although this may seem off topic, it really isn’t.  Cause you see I used this cute jar that once contained my sauerkraut.  I like how it looks like a little glass barrel.

You can use any jar you like, or an old vase or even a mug.  The possibilities are endless!  On a side note, I have to say this project is nifty, thrifty, and eco-friendly.

Once you pick your vessel, you will need paint, and a paintbrush.  It’s super easy.  I simply painted around the already existing design.  If your jar is plain, create your own, with stripes, geometric shapes, or patterns.  It may take a few coats.


To be honest, I initially started out in a different direction, hoping to create a stained glass look.  Fail.  So I moved on and painted the center strip a dark blue/purplish color.  I don’t know I have feel about it.  R said he likes it.  He even went as far as to say he would pay $9.99 for it. I think he likes it as a lantern/votive.  With the tea light in it, it reminds me of these Moroccan Lanterns somewhat.  Perhaps I will make a set.IMG_0099


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