Twine Wrapped Jars


Yeah Yeah Yeah.  These have already been blogged to death.  But I still kind of like them.  Plus Rob and I are moving into a new place soon and I’m not sure what decorating decoration we plan to go.  So I figured these are subtle yet rustic, plus I added a little glam.

Originally I had planned a quickie quilt for my first project.  Ayh yh yh. ( Is that how you would spell it?)  Well it was not quick.  I am still working on it and plan to post it later.

So I had to come up with something else.  These were easy peasy.  I already had the old jars, and the twine from another project so I went to town.

I began by gluing the twine at the bottom of the jar and continued wrapping upwards.  I used a hot glue gun.  1. because I like it, and 2. because I wanted it to dry fast.  Sometimes I have very little patience.  I’m sure you can use any type of glue.  But with the glue gun be sure to watch out for your phalanges because dat glue is hot!


The jars would be lovely on their own, but I wanted them to pop.  I added some white paint and perhaps I am a bit deluded but I think it has a Swedish vibe.  I did say I may be deluded.

Pick any pattern/design you want.  Paint with a brush or use stamps.  Whatever you fancy.


I just had a thought, before you glue the twine to the jar, perhaps wrapping the twine with embroidery floss first would add texture and color.  I just may do this in the future.

Until we meet again….


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