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Rags to Riches-Project 4 of 52


That’s what this rug should be called.  Because it started out as rags (more like t-shirts, sheets, pants, and fabric turned into rags) and then crafted into this wonderful crocheted rug.  I completed this a few weeks back, during that weekend of productivity.  I will admit I rolled around on it a bit.  You know, testing it out and what not.  It passed.


When I first started this project there wasn’t many D.I.Y’s on Rag Rugs.  But now they are all over.  If you haven’t, you should check out some of the rugs on Pinterest.  Wow.  If there is a next time, maybe I too will be a little more organized and create a more cohesive look.  But I think this rug is fantastic in its own way.  I like the different colors mixed throughout the white.  I am half tempted to not let anyone walk on it, because it took some time to complete.  That would defeat the purpose though, so I shall grant little piggies permission to walk across this masterpiece.


Catch you later!


Hemp Coasters



I orignally planned to use this project as one of my 52 Projects, but upon further reflection I decided it didn’t really fit the criteria for the 52 projects.  Yeah I already had the materials on hand from other projects but I wasn’t really repurposing.  So I am posting it as just a regular ole craft.

I wanted a few coasters for when R and I settle into the new place, but I didn’t want to have to buy any.  Some coasters can be pricey yo, so I made them myself.  These did take some time, and the naysayers out there might say “in the time it took you to make those spectacular coasters, it would cost you less to buy…” to which I would reply “where is the satisfaction in that?”

If you want to make some yourself, all you need is hemp twine, a crochet hook( depending on the thickness of your hemp your hook size may vary), a sheet of cork, and glue( I used E6000).

I wanted circular and square coasters so I made both.  I didn’t really follow a pattern, just wung it as I went.  But I will tell you this I used a half treble crochet stitch.  After I was satisfied with the size I glued them to the cork.  Once dried, I cut them out and BAM!, I had some cool rustic hippie looking coasters.


I know it looks like I only made three, but I hadn’t made the last one yet when I took these pictures.  The lighting was relatively good so I seized the opportunity.

Also in full disclosure, the sometime perfectionist in me was a bit disappointed that the circles were not in fact perfect circles ( the squares were more forgiving) but the hemp isn’t an even thickness and therefore caused some problems.  But all in all I think they turned out pretty rad.

Have a lovely day.


No More Wire Baskets!

Like many others, I like the look of wire baskets.  They have an industrial feel and lately I have been digging the warm industrial vibe.  I’ve been trying to talk R into making a shelving unit with me that consists of metal pipes and wood.  Super cool, but I’m not sure he thinks it’s as cool as I do.

So when my parents had to redo their bathroom due to some broken pipes, I snagged this brown wire basket from the rubbish pile and hid it in the garage for future use on Project 3 of 52.


It’s just your basic brown basket (woah woah woah, check out that alliteration) but I saw potential.  I didn’t think it would fit the aesthetic I want to achieve in the new place.

So here is what I did, that you can do too.  But only if your basket is bleh.

I grabbed some silver paint I already had on hand and gave it a couple of coats.  That’s it.  I wasn’t too worried about the coats being even, because as I went I saw some of the brown showing through and I thought it gave it a worn/vintage look to it.

All in all I am pretty pleased.  I had originally intended to use it to hold my yarn, but it is quite large and feel as though it will hold blankets nicely.

IMG_0123Jack hanging out in the background.



All in all it’s a quick and easy project, that kept a rad wire basket out of the landfill.  Double win.


A couple of weekends ago, my productivity saw no bounds.  Well perhaps some because there is only so much you can do in 48 hours.  I crafted until my back formed a dowagers hump and my eye sockets ached.  It was the best!


First up, a slouchy hat.  I crocheted a couple for my sisters for christmas and decided I wanted to try making my own pattern.  It took a few attempts.  But I ended up with something I am pretty pleased with.


Mind the eye.

I already have ideas of how I can make it better next time.  I think it might involve even more clusters.  Perhaps I shall name it the General Cluster.  Yes? No?


I totally feel like Mary Tyler Moore except without the pom pom and the flawless coiffure.



Enough said.


Sweet Trip to the Candy Shop

IMG_0097 - Version 2For project 2 of the 52 projects, I am continuing with the jar theme.  You could use this as a vase, pencil or paintbrush holder, decorative piece, votive or as I thought I would use it, a candy dish.  I also wanted to stick with something small because R and I are moving at the end of the month.  Big exciting projects to come.  I hope….

Anyways I love me some sauerkraut.  Although this may seem off topic, it really isn’t.  Cause you see I used this cute jar that once contained my sauerkraut.  I like how it looks like a little glass barrel.

You can use any jar you like, or an old vase or even a mug.  The possibilities are endless!  On a side note, I have to say this project is nifty, thrifty, and eco-friendly.

Once you pick your vessel, you will need paint, and a paintbrush.  It’s super easy.  I simply painted around the already existing design.  If your jar is plain, create your own, with stripes, geometric shapes, or patterns.  It may take a few coats.


To be honest, I initially started out in a different direction, hoping to create a stained glass look.  Fail.  So I moved on and painted the center strip a dark blue/purplish color.  I don’t know I have feel about it.  R said he likes it.  He even went as far as to say he would pay $9.99 for it. I think he likes it as a lantern/votive.  With the tea light in it, it reminds me of these Moroccan Lanterns somewhat.  Perhaps I will make a set.IMG_0099

Twine Wrapped Jars


Yeah Yeah Yeah.  These have already been blogged to death.  But I still kind of like them.  Plus Rob and I are moving into a new place soon and I’m not sure what decorating decoration we plan to go.  So I figured these are subtle yet rustic, plus I added a little glam.

Originally I had planned a quickie quilt for my first project.  Ayh yh yh. ( Is that how you would spell it?)  Well it was not quick.  I am still working on it and plan to post it later.

So I had to come up with something else.  These were easy peasy.  I already had the old jars, and the twine from another project so I went to town.

I began by gluing the twine at the bottom of the jar and continued wrapping upwards.  I used a hot glue gun.  1. because I like it, and 2. because I wanted it to dry fast.  Sometimes I have very little patience.  I’m sure you can use any type of glue.  But with the glue gun be sure to watch out for your phalanges because dat glue is hot!


The jars would be lovely on their own, but I wanted them to pop.  I added some white paint and perhaps I am a bit deluded but I think it has a Swedish vibe.  I did say I may be deluded.

Pick any pattern/design you want.  Paint with a brush or use stamps.  Whatever you fancy.


I just had a thought, before you glue the twine to the jar, perhaps wrapping the twine with embroidery floss first would add texture and color.  I just may do this in the future.

Until we meet again….

New Year, New Projects, New Quests


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Happy New Year!  And Welcome Back to me, and to you!

This year I have a plan with 52 goals and I hope to see it through.  I’m sure you’ve heard of it before.  The whole complete 52 projects in a year thing.  It could either be insanely difficult or fantastically easy depending upon what projects you tackle.  I have some ideas, so I thought I would give it a go.

I will start out saying that I don’t have 52 projects already lined up.  I have about 27.  But the year just started, and I still have many more opportunites for inspiration to strike.  Right?  I will say this, the projects I came up with are pretty sweet.  Some will be more challenging, while others may be more practical, and still others more aesthetically pleasing.

I have decided this, in an effort to be more sustainable, and let’s face it frugal, I intend to use recycled/repurposed items in my projects.  That is not to say that all my projects will be made of entirely recycled materials.  If that were the case, it could take years to complete some of the ideas I have rattlin around the ol’ noggin.  But I will strive to use as many recycled/repurposed items as possible.

So here is to the New Year, New Projects, and New Quests!  Cheers!