R.F.5.F.: Awesome Weekend Ahead

Ooooh Weee!!! I can not wait for this weekend to begin.  It is jam packed with goodness,  Two Out-of-Towners, a 5k, a bead class, and a possible haunted tour.

I am most excited for my sister A to get here.  She lives in Tennessee with her husband and we usually only get to see her once or twice a year.  It has been nearly 10 months since I have seen her last and I am looking forward to the week she will spend here.

Also this weekend, my sister E and I are running in a 5k.  A family friend visiting from Erie will run with us.  I’m not looking to break any records, although the only record I could break is my personal best, but it should be a fun run. It has been rainy this week, so I am hoping for good weather.

For my birthday this past year, my sister E bought us a class at the Potomac Bead Company.  Part of the class includes $20 worth of beads.  I can’t wait, and will be sure to post something on that experience next week.  This is the class we are taking.

The haunted tour is still up in the air, but I love a good scare, so I hope we can make it happen.  Halloween is almost here!  Full disclosure, this is not an actual haunted house, but the birds that dive bombed our heads were scary enough!

What are your plans for the weekend?

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