Channeling My Inner Snow White

If there is one Disney Princess I identify with it’s Snow White.  We are both fair skinned with dark hair, and lovers of animals(except cats.  I don’t really like cats.  I don’t wish them any ill will but I won’t be inviting one to live in my home either.) and nature.  Animals seem to flock to me when I am running throught the neighborhood.  I swear my house sits on a nature path.

Anyways SW and I are alike.  Case in point, my recent obsession with collecting pine cones.  I imagine she would do the same.  I have stored away pine cones of all shapes and sizes, including this perfect little one, like a squirrel with acorns.

I have this grand idea of jazzing them up with ribbon, paint, and maybe if I am feeling saucy some glitter, and making Christmas tree ornaments.

I know I can buy them in the store.  But why buy them when I can get them for free and decorate them how I like?  Answer that.  And they do double duty as fall and Christmas decorations.  Genius!

What are some of your recent obsessions?


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