Project update: Messenger Bag

If you remember I gave you a few snap shots in a previous post hinting at what I was working on.  Over the weekend I finished the project and I have the final images for you today.  May I present to you the Khaki Messenger Bag.

 The outer shell was made from R’s discarded khaki’s.  The lining is from a pair of teal colored Thai Fisherman’s pants that my sister E gave to me.  It’s the same material as the straps.  For the pocket’s I used the scraps from a sweater I repurposed a while back.

I used some metal loops to create the adjustable strap.  Although I am never truly satisfied with what I make, I am fairly pleased with how this turned out.

 I have to say, that I just love crafting.  The one evening I came home from work in a funk and I started to work on this bag.  Nearly instantly I was in a better mood.  It was as if my care’s were lifted off of me.  Who else feels this way when they work on their craft?  It is a wonderful feeling.

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