Fall is nigh

Hey there!  While it is not officially fall yet, yesterday was a bit cooler than normal (today will be also) and it got me excited for my favorite change in season.  It is the best season.  After all it has two names, fall and autumn.  No other season can say that.  So in honor of the upcoming season I compiled a list of my favorite things about autumn.

1. Fires in the wood burner or fire place.


I love them so that when selling our cottage, I asked my mom if we could remove the burner from the cottage and take it with us.  Of course she said yes and now it sits in my parents garage patiently waiting for the day I have a home of my own to put it in.

2. Crunchy Leaves. Source

The whimsy of this photograph!  It kills me.  I want to run through that field and smell those fallen leaves.  Take a nice big whiff.  I even love the smell of them when they start to decay.

3.   Apples.  Most specifically my Mom’s apple pie, which as a kid made me salivate upon smelling it, and Apple Cider.  If you want good cider and are in the Erie area check out Fuhrman’s Cider Mill.

4. Sweaters. Source

I most definitely like this sweater.  In fact I want it.  The toggles and the Ikat, how can you resist?

5. Holidays!  Spooks and good food what more could you ask for?

What are your favorite things about fall?

I will be back with a project update.  Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Fall is nigh

  1. Amanda says:

    pumpkin pie and apple cider!!

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