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R.F.5.F. Organization

 Now don’t judge me!  This is my bedroom closet.  I plan on tackling it this weekend and attempting to make it more organized.  I have let it get out of control.  From the photos it doesn’t seem that bad, but in person it makes me anxious.  So something has to be done.

For a while I have been purchasing items I will need when I move out, so that when I do move out I don’t have to buy them all at once.


This is one of the areas I store my stash.  But it is becoming overwhelming, and I fear one day the shelf will snap and I will die a slow death, buried beneath my casserole dishes and Belgian waffle maker!

So this weekend I intend to take down this demon and come back with organizational bliss.  Wish me luck!  What do you have planned for the weekend?

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Handmade Goods

My sister asked me to make her a couple of things after I showed her some of the work I have been doing.  I happily agreed.  She wanted a coin purse size of the love birds I posted a little while back.  I switched up the colors and changed the color of the zipper to give it a little more color.

She also asked me to make her a sunglass case to fit her large and eccentric shades.  So I came up with this little ditty.  I liked how it turned out and I am thinking about expanding and including these into my product line.  Whenever that happens.

I am excited to give them to her, and get her feedback.  Have a lovely day.

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Make It Yourself Monday: Necklace

Recently my sister wore a necklace that I really like.  The main focal point of the necklace is a large turquoise stone,  some smaller beads and charms hang around the larger stone.  While looking at it, I thought to myself, hey I have a stone like that.  I think I can make it myself.

I made this spur of the moment and I didn’t think about posting it until I was finished.  I like it so much though, that I just have to share.  I hope you will like it too.

What you will need:

Large Turquoise stone, smaller beads of your choice, charms( I used some fancy head pins that I got on clearance), head pins, jump rings, silver chain, and lobster claw clasp, tools: flat nose pliers and round nose pliers.

What I did, was make make 4 small chains out of the silver chain.  Once I strung the beads on the head pins I created loops at the top with the round nose pliers and attached them sporadically along the small chains.  I also made the fancy head pins into charms and did the same with them as I did with the beads.

Once the small chains were complete I attached them to a longer chain using jump rings.  I used two jump rings to attached the lobster clasp to the chain.  That is all I did and I got this.

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Ready For 5 Friday: Pancakes, Flapjacks, Hotcakes

Happy Friday Everyone!  Pancakes are delicious, especially on a lazy Saturday morning.  In preparation for tomorrow below is a recipe I created.  I would be remiss though, if I did not mention that is is similar to many pancake recipes out there.  All you have to do is google “pancake recipes” and several recipes with similar ingredients will appear.  This recipe, I like to think, is uniquely me.

This recipes yields roughly 9 cakes depending on how big or small you make them.


1 cup wheat flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 1/2 tsp baking soda, 1/4 cup tsp salt, 2 tsp cinnamon*

2 Tbsp Agave Nectar or other natural sweetener, 1 cup milk(I like Almond), 1 Tbsp Oil(I like olive), 1 Tbsp ground flax seed combined with 2 Tbsp water(this is a substitute for eggs)

* I like a lot of cinnamon so I put 2 tsp in but you can put less or more if you like, or if you are like R and don’t really care for cinnamon you can add vanilla extract.

The preparation is pretty simple combine dry ingredients and make a well in the bottom of the bowl.  Add all of your wet ingredients.   Stir until smooth.  I usually use a 1/4 cup measuring cup and ladle it into the pan.  Cook on medium/high heat until top side begins to bubble and the edges look cooked, then flip and continue cooking until done.

These pancakes quick, easy, scrumptious, and if you stick with my ingredients it is a kind recipe!  I hope you have a Happy Friday!

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Granny Squares

There are two types of people in this world, those who love Granny Squares and those who don’t.  I love Granny Squares.  Okay maybe it isn’t so black and white, maybe some people are indifferent to the colorful coziness.  But I think they are so rich and they always remind me of well Grandma’s and Rosanne.

I have been working on this afghan for forever.  I swear it has to be the longest amount of time ever spent crocheting a blanket.  I have been working on this afghan since late 2008, although not consecutively, I would have carpal tunnel by now.

My goal is to have this afghan finished by the time R and I move into our own place.  I want to be out by November, so hopefully this will give me incentive to finish.  I better get crackin’ though because I have 4 or 5 more rows to go!

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Goals Update

I have begun working on my 4 goals before 2013.  I finished a couple bags this weekend.  Two of which my sister A ordered.  I will have photos later.  It sounds silly, but I really love making these bags.  Sometimes it can be stressful, but for the most part when I get in the zone it calms me and even gives me energy.  I am so excited for what is yet to come in this regard.

I also began research into turning my crafts into a small handmade business.  I bought and started reading this book today.

I am almost done.  I appreciate the writing.  It’s quick and witty, making for an enjoyable and informative read.  It provides a lot of useful information for turning your handmade wares into a business.  Plus it doesn’t sugar coat things.  I will continue to refer to it as I embark on my own business journey.

I hope your weekend was rad.  Later.

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Project update: Messenger Bag

If you remember I gave you a few snap shots in a previous post hinting at what I was working on.  Over the weekend I finished the project and I have the final images for you today.  May I present to you the Khaki Messenger Bag.

 The outer shell was made from R’s discarded khaki’s.  The lining is from a pair of teal colored Thai Fisherman’s pants that my sister E gave to me.  It’s the same material as the straps.  For the pocket’s I used the scraps from a sweater I repurposed a while back.

I used some metal loops to create the adjustable strap.  Although I am never truly satisfied with what I make, I am fairly pleased with how this turned out.

 I have to say, that I just love crafting.  The one evening I came home from work in a funk and I started to work on this bag.  Nearly instantly I was in a better mood.  It was as if my care’s were lifted off of me.  Who else feels this way when they work on their craft?  It is a wonderful feeling.

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Fall is nigh

Hey there!  While it is not officially fall yet, yesterday was a bit cooler than normal (today will be also) and it got me excited for my favorite change in season.  It is the best season.  After all it has two names, fall and autumn.  No other season can say that.  So in honor of the upcoming season I compiled a list of my favorite things about autumn.

1. Fires in the wood burner or fire place.


I love them so that when selling our cottage, I asked my mom if we could remove the burner from the cottage and take it with us.  Of course she said yes and now it sits in my parents garage patiently waiting for the day I have a home of my own to put it in.

2. Crunchy Leaves. Source

The whimsy of this photograph!  It kills me.  I want to run through that field and smell those fallen leaves.  Take a nice big whiff.  I even love the smell of them when they start to decay.

3.   Apples.  Most specifically my Mom’s apple pie, which as a kid made me salivate upon smelling it, and Apple Cider.  If you want good cider and are in the Erie area check out Fuhrman’s Cider Mill.

4. Sweaters. Source

I most definitely like this sweater.  In fact I want it.  The toggles and the Ikat, how can you resist?

5. Holidays!  Spooks and good food what more could you ask for?

What are your favorite things about fall?

I will be back with a project update.  Stay tuned.




Elsie at A Beautiful Mess issued a goal challenge the other day.  Well Elsie, challenge accepted!  If you want a detailed description you can head over to the site, but the gist is to pick four goals that are action oriented, focusing more on the process than the end result, although hopefully the result will be a more enriched life.  As an added bonus you can reward yourself after you accomplish each goal.

So here are my goals that I plan to accomplish before 2013.

1. To further my sewing skills. I have enjoyed creating and crafting handmade bags lately.  I want to hone my skills and advance in my current craft so that the bags I make are kick-ass and  become treasured pieces for those who own them.  I don’t want to put an exact number on it, but I want to make fifteen-twenty bags to sell on Etsy.  I’m not sure how I will reward myself just yet.

2.  To live a kinder life.  I want to live a life that is kind towards animals, people, and the earth.  I want to   eat a more plant based diet for my health, the environment, and the animals we share this earth with.  I want to practice sustainability in my personal life and my handmade goods.  I also want to spread love and kindness to those I interact with.  I think a sweet pair of vegan shoes will make for a lovely reward.

3.  To save more money.  This goal is a little more “responsible adult” than the others, but R and I look forward to having a love nest of our own.  I want to speed it along by saving more green.  Hopefully by continuing to budget we can make it happen.  The reward will be our own place.

4.  I want to learn more about owning and operating a small business.  I plan to read books and ask questions of those who already own their own business.  I want to know what there is to know because I dream of one day being able to support myself by selling my handmade wares.

Here are my goals.  i highly suggest you make your own, because goals are fun and when you accomplish them you feel very accomplished!

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It always seems that I can never finish one project before I start another.  I swear I have about 5 projects going and that doesn’t include all the ideas I have in my head.  Sometimes I wish I had the patience to see the projects through to the end before I start a new one.  But alas I get to excited.

Here are a couple of snapshots of two of the projects I am currently working on.   The other night I got a lot of the grunt work done, but I spent most of it in a prolonged hunchbacked state.  Sometimes I fear I will develop a dowager’s hump.

  Can you guess what they will be?

Once I complete them I will post photos.  Although the one may take longer to finish.  It seems to be a habit of mine.  Later.

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