My sister recently bought a bag that is similar to something I have been thinking about making.  Except that hers has an exceptional amount of pockets.  I love it.  There is a pocket for everything.  I didn’t love the price.  So when my grandma sent down some unwanted clothes I had an idea.

I decided to use a pair of men’s blue short shorts that happened to find their way into the bag of goodies.  The front of the shorts had several pockets.  So I cut it all up and pieced it back together.  Although my bag had the pockets, it was still missing something.  So I embroidered it a little.

I think the colors make it pop a little, and every pocket has already been used.  well every one except the back zipper pocket!  Until next time…

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2 thoughts on “Pockets!

  1. desiraf says:

    I made something similar with a pant leg to hold my yoga mat last summer. Yours looks a bit cooler though. Definitely a cool idea for some of the old clothes I still have.

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